Alarm Automatika EOOD

Slaven Crnkovic – Manager

Our expansion to new markets always suggests a demand of good experts who will assist us in the proper implementation and reporting of our business activities. In Bulgaria these experts are “Parole-M” EOOD.


Drillcon Iberia SA Portugal

Adriano Barros – Manager

It’s a pleasure to know that our business relies on professionals for legitimate reporting and proper document processing. Complying with the dynamic legislation of Bulgaria and the EU can be a challenge for every entrepreneur. That is why we entirely trust “Parole-M” EOOD.


Intertainment Services JSCo.

Nikolai Gorchilov – CEO

Victor Francess – CEO

The rich professional experience of accounting company “Parole-M” EOOD and our trust in them, give us confidence that our business is in good hands.


MindTake Research EOOD

Klaus Oberecker – Managing director

“Parole-M” EOOD provides us with complex accounting services and a range of additional services. We can say they are excellent at everything we assign to them.



Maria Noveva – Manager and member of trio HYPNOTIC

We have entrusted the experts of “Parole-M” EOOD with all our financial and accounting activities for many years. They find a solution to every problem in our specific field and give us confidence that everything is in good hands not only from the accounting point of view, but legal one as well. This gives us the opportunity to concentrate freely on our main activity, which is music.

V Nikolov

Vladimir Nikolov - a famous Bulgarian volleyball player

The “Parole-M” EOOD helps me optimize taxes, feel calm and sure my company is in safe hands.


Milena Mileva - "Aquastudio"

We are “Parolе – M” clients for a long time. They have responsibility for all financial and account aspects in our business. They take care for the documentation and advice us, when nesesary. All this gives opportunity to keep creating design without any inconvenience about timelines, or news or changes in the low.

We trust absolutely “Parolе – M”.


Patent bureau “Dr. Emil Benatov and partners”

Samuil Benatov – managing partner

For more than two decades, we have been counting on the highly qualified, courteous and responsive staff of Parolе-M EOOD to account for our business. We have always received fast, adequate and professional assistance from all the accounting matters from Parolе-M Ltd., as well as up-to-date and accurate information about the changes and innovations in the Bulgarian and European tax legislation.