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Finance is fun!

Our advantage is the comprehensiveness of the service.

Bookkeeping and account processing of documents; • Preparation and submission of VAT returns; • Accounting for fixed assets; • Filing reports in the National Bank of Bulgaria; • Invoicing; • E-banking;

Periodical reporting of the trade receivables; • Planning and management of the cash flow; • Management and optimization of the tax obligations;

Labor data processing; • Preparation of labor contracts and documentation; • Maintenance and storage of the personal labor files of the personnel according to the labor legislation;

Solving tax, labor and insurance queries according to the current legislation; Consultations on the tax effects of different types of transactions and economic activity; Consultations on hiring personnel in Bulgaria;

• Tax consultations on the personal incomes of tax residents and non-residents; • Preparation and submission of tax returns under the Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act; • Registration under VATA and monthly preparation and submission of VAT returns;

Preparation, submission and defense of tax declarations, accounting documents, etc. • Rendering assistance to the tax administration concerning general and cross-check audits; • Company representation and defense before the tax administration, the National Revenue Agency...

• Elaboration of business plans; • Project management; • Strategic management;

Elaboration and management of contractual relations; • Establishment and comprehensive registration of companies; • Legal services related to taxation, including defense pleading on tax assessments;

• Administrative services related to the acquisition of a long term residence in Bulgaria; • Services for unemployed individuals – assistance in the employment offices, submission of declarations to the National Revenue Agency, consultations on health and social insurance issues;

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Year 1994

Parole-M started its business activity in 1994, managed by its sole…

Year 2002

In 2002 the company is nominated on the 27th conference…

Years 2003-2008

In 2003 at the Bulgarian Forum of the Business Leaders…

Our mission is:

To help our clients for a successful long term development and performance of their goals.

Why should you choose to set your business in Bulgaria?
- Low tax rates.
Flat Corporate tax – 10 %
Flat Personal Income tax – 10 %
Dividend tax – 5 %
- Good quality personnel at significantly lower wage levels compared to the other EU countries;
- Relatively cheap business-related services and goods;
- Professional services sensibly cheaper than in the other EU countries;
- Good prices for buying property and estates;
- Almost the entire Bulgarian tax legislation is synchronized with that of the EU;

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We constantly invest in the most valuable asset of the company - our professional team, to ensure the calm and comfort of our clients and their professional and business activities.
You will receive personalized approach and treatment with the highest standards of loyalty, probity and discretion.
Confidentiality and information security are the hallmark of our business.


We undertake not to distribute official information – information, production and business secrets to our clients, their partners and clients – who have become known to us during or in connection with the fulfillment of our official duties

Fair treatment

We are accurate, executive, flawless, honest in fulfilling our obligations to the client!

Individual approach

Whether we’ve met with the customer or know it from a distance /online/ for us, it’s important to get an insight into the business, their needs that need to be supported. We prefer to have more information than to have gaps or ambiguities. In this way, we are sure that we have taken all the details into consideration in order to provide customer-focused service.


Quality, Fast and Professional Services

In this direction, we emphasize the importance of emphasizing quality and professionalism. The speed sometimes interferes with the first two, but is a basic requirement in our technological age.

75 Client's
25 Gained experience
15 Credits and prizes
9 Services


Our team of specialists is ready to assist you on any issues related to our accounting services


- because we work with environmental care in the direction of paperless accounting;
- because we keep your story in the form of a paper and digital archive;
- because we appreciate and respect you for what you are;

- because we are always at your disposal with our expertise and honesty;
- because with us you reach the peaks to which you have rushed.

How could we be helpful?

- We can register your firm;
- We can provide you with administrative address;
- We can consult you on every kind of tax, accounting or business issues;
- We can provide you with wide range of end-to-end accounting, payroll and administrative services;
- We can properly maintain your VAT obligations in Bulgaria and the EU;
- We can represent you before the tax authorities of Bulgaria;
- We can save you time and money from taxes;
- We can assist you in all aspects of your business related to its administration and organization.


It is a great honor for us to satisfy your confidence!