Bookkeeping and account processing of documents; • Preparation and submission of VAT returns; • Accounting for fixed assets; • Filing reports in the National Bank of Bulgaria; • Invoicing; • E-banking;

Periodical reporting of the trade receivables; • Planning and management of the cash flow; • Management and optimization of the tax obligations;

Labor data processing; • Preparation of labor contracts and documentation; • Maintenance and storage of the personal labor files of the personnel according to the labor legislation;

Solving tax, labor and insurance queries according to the current legislation; Consultations on the tax effects of different types of transactions and economic activity; Consultations on hiring personnel in Bulgaria;

• Tax consultations on the personal incomes of tax residents and non-residents; • Preparation and submission of tax returns under the Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act; • Registration under VATA and monthly preparation and submission of VAT returns;

Preparation, submission and defense of tax declarations, accounting documents, etc. • Rendering assistance to the tax administration concerning general and cross-check audits; • Company representation and defense before the tax administration, the National Revenue Agency...

• Elaboration of business plans; • Project management; • Strategic management;

Elaboration and management of contractual relations; • Establishment and comprehensive registration of companies; • Legal services related to taxation, including defense pleading on tax assessments;

• Administrative services related to the acquisition of a long term residence in Bulgaria; • Services for unemployed individuals – assistance in the employment offices, submission of declarations to the National Revenue Agency, consultations on health and social insurance issues;